Melrose B'nai Israel Emanu-El

The Little Shul with the Big Heart

8339 Old York Road, Elkins Park, PA 19027
Phone: 215-635-1505 | Email:

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‘Simcha Ready’ Event Facility


We welcome celebrations and community events at MBIEE and encourage you to consider our facility for your activities.  Listed below are the basics of planning to use our facility, as well as an MBIEE Event Form to download for your convenience.



  1. MBIEE Event Form must be filled out and submitted for written approval.
  2. Who needs to fill out this form:
  • Any committee meetings that take place outside of normal MBIEE hours which are at present M T W Th 9-3; F 9-1; Shabbat services – Friday evening and Saturday mornings;
  • Anyone requiring special set up;
  • Individuals or groups renting the space for party, events, special meetings, etc.;
  • Groups within MBIEE holding events;
  • Groups within MBIEE sponsoring outside events.
  1. We do not have a full time custodian. The facilities must be left in the same condition as when you arrived. You may hire someone with proof of insurance or have a cleanup committee. You are responsible for the cost of custodial help and any supplies used. See your facilities coordinator regarding PROPER TRASH REMOVAL.
  2. If you are serving food, you must meet with a member of the kitchen committee. See the attached approved list of caterers. Notify your facilities coordinator as to what time the caterer needs access to the building. Leftover food must be removed or donated as proscribed by the kitchen committee member.
  3. Someone from MBIEE must be present who can operate the lights and the alarm properly and has proper emergency and maintenance telephone numbers.
  4. The office must be notified for religious events so that the Rabbi may be consulted.
  5. KI and MBIEE have the right to refuse the use of the building without specific reason. Before obligating yourself to any expenses, written approval is necessary. Written approval can only be given by the House Vice President or the President’s designee*. You are responsible for any damages. We cannot be held responsible for weather related cancellations or lost or stolen property. A kitchen committee member and/or facilities coordinator must be available in order for your event to be approved.
  6. As stated in the event form, layout for the room must be turned in at least 7 days before the event. Larger groups will require more advance notice.

Thank you for choosing to celebrate your event at 8339 Old York Road.

Download MBIEE Event Form here: MBIEE EVENT FORM

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