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Welcome to Melrose B'nai Israel Emanu-El


Melrose B’nai Israel Emanu-El is the small, haimish, traditional, egalitarian congregation that extends warmth and welcomes a range of diverse ideas so that people of all ages will know they are valued, participate and feel spiritually uplifted. We are a United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism (USCJ) congregation

We invite you to join our warm and welcoming community: The Little Shul with a BIG Heart!

On Saturday October 22nd
We dedicated a new Sefer Torah
Donated and Presented by
Robert Sion and David Berd
In Memory of our past president, Fran Sion B'M.
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Chanukah Gelt Raffle

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Miracle of Lights: Hanukkah Laser Show
Saturday, December 17 | 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.
Beth Sholom Congregation, 8231 Old York Road
Join your Jewish community for an evening of wonder for people of all ages, whether you are 0 or 120. Enjoy snacks and a laser show, presented by Wondergy that will bring the miracle of lights to life with bright and colorful displays. Registration and more information are at



The Mitzvah Food Pantry is gratefully accepting donations of kosher non-perishable food or food gift cards of any denomination to local grocery stores. Please drop off your food in the box in our synagogue lobby. For gift card donations, please place them in a sealed envelope labeled “Food Pantry” and leave them in the synagogue office. Email Carol Weinbaum or call the synagogue office for more information.



every weekday morning at 8 am, and Sundays at 8:45 am
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President's Corner



President’s Letter to the  Congregation         

August 12, 2022

Shelley Schwartz, President

I write to you from my sickbed. Yes… I have become the latest victim of Covid-19. Clearly, I will not be in services tomorrow morning. To that point, I felt it imperative to publish my remarks to you, my dear MBIEE family regarding the viability and vitality of our Congregation.

Many of you, including myself and the Board of Directors, were taken by
surprise at Rabbi Sherman’s notification via E-Blast Thursday afternoon announcing his resignation to take effect December 31, 2022. I have received enumerable phone calls and emails from congregants as well as calls from area Clergy as well. All with the same question. What are we going to do? And to that, I answer this: Hazak Hazak v’Nitzhazek. “Be strong, be strong, and may we strengthen one another”. These words, spoken as we complete each of the 5 books of Moses have the underlying meaning that no one can fully complete a task. It takes generations to come to fruition. In this context, the work that Rabbi Sherman has begun for us will be left to be molded and redefined by our next Spiritual leader. I feel confident that the love and passion our Congregation has for each other will help move our synagogue forward without missing a beat.

Changes in spiritual leaders is not an uncommon phenomenon. And we will
certainly endure. A Search Committee has already begun to form. Synagogue
leadership is poised in preparation. In a most positive sense, this gives us the
opportunity to re-evaluate and redefine ourselves and our unique and compelling mission. In a most powerful article by Josh Fixler, “Theory of Change and Synagogue Innovation”, he speaks of creating a roadmap to one’s vision. Where do we want to go? This is a most wonderful opportunity for each and every one of us my dear MBIEE family, to participate in a process that will broaden our perspectives, describe our challenges and needs, and voice our short-term, and long-term goals.

I encourage you all to send your thoughts to me via my email: . And if you desire to chat with me, please do. However, please give me a few days to get over my Covid-laryngitis.

This Shabbat, the Torah reading contains the Shema, a declaration of faith and a central text in Jewish prayer. Please have faith in our synagogue. Please have the strength to stand together as we forge forward with this new direction. I end my letter as I began… Hazak Hazak v’Nitzhazek, and together we will strengthen each other. Wishing you and your families a peaceful Shabbos.

Shabbat Shalom,
Shelley Schwartz, President

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